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Hour of Code
Online Activities
Requires a computer, tablet, chromebook, or smartphone
Elementary Intermediate/Jr High High School
Primary Intermediate Intermediate Jr. High Lightbot
Moana Moana Lightbot Lightbot Robot Rattle
Angry Birds Angry Birds Robot Rattle Robot Rattle Star Wars
Star Wars Frozen Frozen Star Wars Minecraft
Kodable Flappy Birds Flappy Birds Minecraft Made with Code
Geared toward girls
  Star Wars Star Wars Made with Code
Geared toward girls
  Minecraft Minecraft    
  Kodable RoboGarden    
Offline Activities
Requires copies to be made prior to starting the activity; requires some pre-planning; you need to go through the lesson yourself before going through it with your students
Happy Maps Happy Maps Paper Planes Paper Planes Paper Planes
    Color by Pixel Color by Pixel Color by Pixel
    Algorithms Algorithms Algorithms

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