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Welcome to my TRT Page


Helpdesk Request

Tips To Stop Cyberbullying

Know it's not your fault--No one deserves to be treated cruelly

Don't respond or retaliate--Remove yourself from the situation

Save the evidence--Save evidence from cyberbullying

Tell the person to stop--Only do this if you feel comfortable doing it

Reach out for help--A friend, relative, or trusted adult

Use available tech tools--BLOCK the person; report the person

Protect your accounts--Don't share passwords; password protect your phone

If someone you know is being bullied, take action--Take a stand against bullying

Digital Citizenship



Go HERE to login to Riverdeep

Click Simple Log-in bottom right

Select Class

Choose the student

Click OK

Top left-hand corner, click Exploration

This should take you to the screen where you can choose the program you want your students to work on.


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Kerry's Schedule

I do not have a set day that I am supposed to be at a specific school.  If you have a problem or would like to talk with me about using technology in your classroom, put in a helpdesk request and I will get back with you usually within 24 hours.  I look forward to working with you and your students.

This page will be updated frequently with links for you to use in your classrooms.  Please check back often.  If you find sites that you feel would be beneficial, please e-mail them to me so I may share with others. 

All graphics were found using a Google image search or are original works.

This page created & maintained by Kerry Elliott, TRT, Clark County Schools, Winchester, KY.    All rights reserved.  Page last updated on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 .