AT&T Moxee Hotspot - Basic Legal Information

Any parent/guardian whose child has received one of the district-issued AT&T mobile hotspots is responsible for the terms in the "Wireless Internet Hotspot User Agreement", as well as for familiarity with the information below (some of which is repeated in the aforementioned Agreement):

Each legal guardian must read all sales Information concerning service and use of the equipment, including, without limitation, plan and feature brochures, coverage maps, AT&T Privacy Policy, and the CCPS Acceptable Use Policy. Each legal guardian should know that the equipment used by students may be location-enabled. Applications offered by CCPS or third parties may allow equipment used by students to be tracked. In the event CCPS or one of its K-12 students downloads any such tracking application to equipment used by a student, CCPS will provide clear and conspicuous notice to the legal guardian of such student.